The Tappex range of installation tools includes: FlexiArm® (035 series) , Production drivers (029), Hand tools (030/031 series) and a 3rd generation heat installation machine to be introduced early November 2019. Our installation tools enable the installation of threaded inserts by either heat press-in or self-tapping (threading) methods. These tools will suit a wide range of engineering plastics, laminates, woods & light-metal alloys. The Tappex FlexiArm® is particularly suitable for batch / medium-volume production operations, offered with a wide range of standard & special production drivers, and available with 1-3 pneumatic, torque-settable screwdrivers mounted onto the pantograph support-arms. Tappex made manual / hand-installation tool range meets the needs of R & D, maintenance and customers with low-volume of installed insert requirements. These tools are all fully compatible with the Tappex range of self-threading inserts: Foamserts®, Triserts® & Trisert-3s® and, for insertion with Heat: Multiserts®, Microbarbs® & Dedserts®.

Tappex production drivers

Torque Release Production Drivers

A range of specialist drivers with a torque release function for a wide range of professional threaded insert applications. Available in a range of driver nose sizes for ideal depth control and to suit a range of space restricted or deep access applications

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Tappex ElecArm, for the fast and efficient installation of Tappex threaded inserts


The ElecArm® utilises a robust vertical support column, horizontal-sliding balance arm with spring support and fitted with an electrically powered torque-settable screwdriver. The screwdriver runs on 230/240v mains and is available in 5 torque ranges from 0.29Nm up to 25Nm value.

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Tappex FlexiArm for fast and accurate installation of Tappex thread inserts


The Tappex FlexiArm® installation equipment consist of 1-3 individual pantograph arm(s) with a Desoutter pneumatic screwdriver(s) attached to each. The screwdriver can be specified with either manual or automatic reverse torque-clutch control and normally operates @ either 510 rpm or 1,100rpm depending upon the thread insert's size and the material into which it is being installed.

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Tappex hand tools for threaded inserts

Hand Installation Tools

Tappex have responded to market demands and developed a new and improved range of 031 Hand Installation Tools for use with the Trisert and Trisert-3 inserts in thread sizes from M2 to M10, these come complete with an alignment bush.

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Tappex 3rd generation heat installation machine

3rd generation heat installation machine

The Tappex® Generation 3 Heat Inserter is designed to allow quick, easy and repeatable installation of a range of Tappex threaded inserts - Multisert®, Microbarb®, Dedsert® and Suresert® female and male inserts.

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