Tappex MultiPip a case hardened steel headed spacer for assembly into plastic mouldingTappex MultiPip™ – A headed spacer for assembly into plastic moulding.

Introducing Tappex Thread Insert’s latest innovation, the Tappex MultiPip™, a case hardened steel headed spacer with a zinc nickel trivalent passivate, for assembly into plastic moulding.

The Tappex MultiPip™ has been designed to retain joint tension for fasteners in thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics to provide a strong and reliable spacer allowing increased clamping forces to be applied to the fastening without over-stressing the parent material and so reducing plastic creep.

The Tappex MultiPip™ comprises of a sleeve with a flange at one end which extends radially. Both the sleeve and flange include pips which protrude towards the parent material providing increased surface area for additional frictional force further reducing the chance of movement of the spacer in addition to the clamping force provided by the threaded insert.

These spacers are suitable for cold press insertion into both thermoset or thermoplastics.

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Click here to see the arrangement drawing for the Tappex MultiPip

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An arrangement drawing of the Tappex MultiPip using a 071M6 Tappex Multisert as an example fastener