• Vehicle Interiors, Exterior Plastic-trim components and ‘under bonnet’ sub-assemblies (whether Injection moulded, Vacuum Formed or Composite layups) all require the application of Tappex fastening solutions: Himoulds®,  Triserts®, Multiserts® , steel threaded inserts for metal-alloys Trisert-3® . Additionally, Tappex also manufacture Compression Limiters which reduce the effects of ‘creep’ in thermoplastic mouldings, over time / elevated temperatures by providing ‘metal-to-metal’ contact along the axis of the bolted-joint and so resisting excessive application-tightening torques & resultant assembly joint-loads
  • Under bonnet thermoplastic  / composite material applications: injection-moulded manifolds, covers, ECU & fluid-pump enclosures. Often these applications require higher tensile strength performance from mechanical fasteners to cope with point of vehicle assembly installation torques. Tappex solution: forged steel SplayMoulds®  installed by moulding-in and specified to 8.8 grade tensile strength
  • Body in White /  Driver Controls; electro-mechanical assemblies for OEMs globally are frequently fastened by Tappex brass threaded inserts and, for more critical applications, patented Trisert-3®  family of  steel threaded inserts. Tappex offer also to  ‘vision sort’ their fasteners using bespoke Optical / Laser based equipment


  • Demanding, precision-engineered solutions, from Tappex as tier-2 supplier,  for a variety of aircraft applications including: business & 1st-class seating, toilet & kitchen installations, composite Glass & increasingly Carbon-fibre, laminated constructions – Tappex stainless steel Trisert-3® threaded inserts (303 & 316 grades)  in either metric or imperial threads
  • Bespoke customer specifications supplied also include 2D & 3D rapid prototypes, design guidance & in-house mechanical test supporting the specification of threaded inserts even for Satellite-equipment hardware applications

Consumer Goods

  • Sometimes referred to as ‘Brown & White’ Goods; typical applications for brass threaded inserts
  • Tappex extensive range of brass threaded inserts for thermoplastics includes: for moulding-in HiMoulds® , self-threading Triserts®  and Thermserts® for post-mould, ‘quick fit’ press-in installation


  • Serving both OEM’s and their contract moulding / sub-assembly manufacturing operations
  • Tappex can support low volume applications with its large range of brass thread inserts: HiMoulds®, Multiserts® or Triserts®  along with bespoke Tappex installation tooling for either manual or semi-automated placement

Machine Tools

  • For many years Tappex® have supplied both brass female and male threaded inserts for Thermoplastics compression-moulding whether In-mould or post-mould application
  • For critical Industrial / Hydraulics / ‘Rotating’ Machinary applications with a background of high vibration,Tappex Pin Lok steel threaded inserts offer features to ensure no loosening and maximum security when installed
  • Parts for safety critical applications are often ‘vision sorted’ to check compliance with customer specific size/feature requirements
  • Tappex® Threaded inserts are specified in Metric, Unified and also British Standard forms i.e. BSW/BSP/BA


  • Whether for Commercial, Rescue,  Leisure or submersible-craft, Tappex® provide high-quality fastening solutions, backed up by comprehensive ‘in-house’ technical knowledge to meet the application demands:  interiors, structure or external-mounted equipement
  • Specifically Trisert-3®  threaded inserts in either 303 or  316 grade Stainless Steel for exterior fitments, Brass inserts Multiserts® for Navigation buoys, Foamserts® self-threading inserts for interior wooden furniture and trim items, as well as our MultiRiv® ( low force/wide grip-range rivetnut ) for Composite & GRP panels

Medical Equipment

  • We supply both Brass & Stainless Steel(303 & 316 grades) press-in and self-threading brass & stainless-steel thread inserts for plastics to SMC processors, for example, ‘Body Scanner’ applications
  • Tappex® thread inserts are specified for RIM moulding processes; both standard & customer-special threaded inserts are available as well as for 2D & 3D rapid prototyping


  • For exacting performance requirements & technical support, Tappex® serve many different motorsport categories including Formula One with threaded inserts, compression limiters and special rivetnuts
  • Whether for Composites, Vacuum-form, GRP, machined thermosets, light metal alloy constructions and increasingly 2D & 3D rapid prototpyes, Tappex threaded inserts have been the professional choice for over 30 years


  • Composite panels and Infusion moulded bespoke parts fastened with Tappex® in-mould and post mould Brass threaded inserts; Passenger Carriage furniture is frequently specified with our brass Foamserts®  thread inserts for woods and high-density foams alike
  • Interior packaging, passenger carriage constructions, window frames and door / access (Aluminium fabrications), fastened by Tappex thread inserts, engineered for reliability and long life including Trisert-3® thread inserts in both case hardened steel & stainless versions (Metric sizes 3 – 12mm along with Unified & Male geometry variants)


  • Many global customers and network’s applications served by Tappex® for injection mouldings, aluminium die-castings, aluminium machined parts (equipment racking) as well as GRP enclosures being fastened together with our brass triserts & stainless steel Trisert-3 thread inserts
  • Both on the ground and in Satellite orbit around the earth, Tappex® thread inserts are to found holding vital functional parts together in demanding & occasionally remote environments!

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