Tappex® offer a broad range of threaded inserts for plastics to suit both mould-in and post-mould installation dependent upon customer’s application requirements, design and their ‘in-house’ manufacturing process considerations.

Tappex - Himould


Inserts for moulding in The Tappex HiMould range of brass inserts has been developed for plastics injection & compression moulding installation(s). Available in 3 body styles with both metric & some imperial equivalent threads.

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Tappex Products - Multisert


Thread Inserts for Cold Press, Heat or Ultrasonic InstallationThe Tappex Multisert® range of brass inserts for plastics have been developed to provide a multi-purpose threaded insert for a wide variety of applications. They are available in short...

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Tappex Products - Microbarb


For pull through applications in thin section materials The Microbarb incorporates all the standard features of the Multisert range but provides the designer and production engineer with a brass insert suitable for pull through applications in thin...

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High performance self-tapping brass insert Self tapping brass insert for use in thermoplastic and thermoset plastic materials. The concept of the Tappex Trisert® design is to provide a reliable and efficient post-mould production process, where the installation...

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Tappex Products - Trisert 3


Self-Tapping Plated Steel or Stainless Steel InsertThe Tappex Trisert-3® has three cutting features to provide a balanced cutting action and reduced installation torque. The Trisert-3 is suited for critical applications in hard plastics & light metal alloys...

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Tappex Products - Dedsert


Heat or Ultrasonic Installation into Thermoplastic MaterialsThe Dedsert® design includes two bands of helical knurling with left and right helix providing high performance than conventional thread inserts.

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Splay Mould

Male Steel Insert for a High Strength SolutionTappex are extending the range of male inserts for moulding-in by introducing the SplayMould® male steel insert. This is in addition to machined Brass & Steel male variants of exisitng...

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Tappex Products - Anti Creep

Anti-Creep Spacers / Compression Limiters

Cold press fit or Moulded-in to suit the application Anti-creep spacers are designed to provide reinforced clearance holes for bolts to pass through a plastic moulding, and thus allow metal-to-metal clamping forces to be applied to an...

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Tappex Products - Male Inserts

Male Inserts

Brass Inserts to provide a male threadPress fit, Self Tapping or Mould-in versions for most Plastics. Tappex offer a range of Male Inserts based upon the female equivalent, they can also be supplied with a dog point...

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