Brass threaded inserts made from high quality brass to BS EN 12164 CW 614N standards.
Brass threaded inserts benefit from excellent mechanical properties: corrosion resistance, efficient machinability and good electrical conductivity. They are generally more cost effective compared to steel(s) and are ideal for assemblies made out of thermoplastics, thermosets or composite materials.

Brass has a higher thermal conductivity compared to steel so inserts manufactured from it can be heat-installed more quickly than those manufactured from steel(s).

Performs better than steel for the following applications:

  • In the presence of hot/cold water it provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for use in some marine environments (i.e. in salt water) although specific application requirements always need to be understood
  • Good performance in cryogenic applications
  • Can handle exposure to both mild alkaline solutions and non-oxidising acids, but strong alkaline solutions or oxidising acids should be avoided
  • Very good corrosion resistance to petroleum based materials
  • Good strength, nearing the tensile strength of low-carbon steel
  • Compatible with industry plating surface finishes, including nickel, for both aesthetics and enhanced electrical conductivity
  • Brass can be readily recycled and so could be said to be a ‘green’ material
  • Brass can also be specified, ‘lead free’, and after careful process development by Tappex, ‘lead-free’ threaded inserts are now available
Tappex Products - Setsert


Brass Insert for hard plastics. Threaded insert designed for cold press installation into hard and filled thermoplastic and thermoset plastic materials. Available as a Single and Double Ended brass insert.

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Tappex - Himould


Inserts for moulding in The Tappex HiMould range of brass inserts has been developed for plastics injection & compression moulding installation(s). Available in 3 body styles with both metric & some imperial equivalent threads.

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Tappex Products - Multisert


Thread Inserts for Cold Press, Heat or Ultrasonic InstallationThe Tappex Multisert® range of brass inserts for plastics have been developed to provide a multi-purpose threaded insert for a wide variety of applications. They are available in short...

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Tappex Products - Microbarb


For pull through applications in thin section materials The Microbarb incorporates all the standard features of the Multisert range but provides the designer and production engineer with a brass insert suitable for pull through applications in thin...

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High performance self-tapping brass insert Self tapping brass insert for use in thermoplastic and thermoset plastic materials. The concept of the Tappex Trisert® design is to provide a reliable and efficient post-mould production process, where the installation...

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Tappex - Foamsert


Self tapping Brass Insert for use in Wood & lower density materialsThe Tappex Foamsert® is a special version of the Trisert® and has a very coarse truncated external thread form. The Foamsert® threaded insert ideally suited for...

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Tappex Products - Imperial Range

Imperial Range

Imperial thread sizesTappex can manufacture most Imperial thread sizes using the external features of the nearest metric equivalent product, so design information will be the same as listed. Popular sizes are available from stock; other sizes are...

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Tappex Products - Dedsert


Heat or Ultrasonic Installation into Thermoplastic MaterialsThe Dedsert® design includes two bands of helical knurling with left and right helix providing high performance than conventional thread inserts.

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Tappex Products - Male Inserts

Male Inserts

Brass Inserts to provide a male threadPress fit, Self Tapping or Mould-in versions for most Plastics. Tappex offer a range of Male Inserts based upon the female equivalent, they can also be supplied with a dog point...

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Tappex Products - Sureset


Brass insert for stress-prone plasticsThreaded insert designed for Ultrasonic or Heat installation into notch sensitive thermoplastics. The double ended design is easy to orientate for manual or automatic installation.

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