Tappex – Further Investment in Vision Sorting Technology

Written on March 21, 2019 in Blog

Tappex's multi camera vision sorting machine giving a 360° view of scanned componentsFollowing Tappex’s philosophy of continuous improvement, we have recently invested in a new multi camera sorting machine giving a 360° view of each component.

The new machine, incorporates a glass-rotary turntable, with up to 5 individual camera stations. This gives us the capability to check critical geometry & features, including:

  • External diameters
  • Head thickness
  • Overall length
  • Presence of internal thread or burrs
  • Along with a number of other bespoke checks

The machine can reduce the industry standard defect rate of threaded inserts from < 250ppm to < 50ppm.

Vision sorting has a small on-cost, but can help to reduce the scrappage rate of the injection mouldings, offering huge potential savings, improvements in productivity, improvements in quality for your customers and improved customer satisfaction levels.

To find out more about our vision sorting machines and services, please get in touch.