UNC threaded inserts used as a great alternative to BSW in camera equipment for wildlife documentary project

Written on March 16, 2020 in Case Studies

Tappex Multisert, used for camera mount fittingsTappex were recently approached by a department within a major Broadcaster, who is responsible for creating unique equipment for capturing video footage, to be used in wildlife documentaries.

The request was for 1/4 and 3/8 BSW threaded inserts, to be fitted into 3D printed components. These thread sizes have historically been used for photographic camera mounts and whilst we don’t offer the requested BSW thread sizes, we did have stock of two items which are commonly used as substitutes.

1/4″ UNC is very similar to 1/4″BSW. The film industry used to specify the 1/4″ BSW as an industry standard, but people have slowly migrated to 1/4″UNC, which is much more readily available.

3/8″ BSW and 3/8″UNC threads are very similar, in-fact the pitch of the thread is identical.

In the two thread sizes detailed above, a BSW bolt will fit into a UNC female thread.

Tappex also advised that the Multisert inserts discussed, should be heat inserted for best performance. Tappex offered samples of the alternatives above, for test and evaluation purposes and as only small volumes of products were required, the broadcaster could take advantage of our small minimum order value and next day delivery service.

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