Threaded inserts for woods and composites

Tappex® manufactured threaded inserts, clinching-rivet nuts and also thread-forming screws suitable, based upon many years of applications experience for Hard Woods, MDF board, laminated plastics, glass reinforced plastics (GRP) & thin, brittle-sheet plastics.

Threaded inserts suitable for woods and composites

Foamsert brass inserts


Self-Threading Inserts

  • Special version of the well respected Tappex Trisert brass threaded insert
  • Designed with a very coarse truncated external thread form offer increased pull-out resistance
  • Three equidistant cutting flutes over length of external form of the thread insert
  • Available in a range of M2.5 to M8; male version available upon demand; steel versions on request
  • Developed with both double-ended and a reduced head variants thread insert

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Rivet nuts

Rivet Nuts®

Bulge Control Rivet Nut

  • Cold formed Rivet Nut with ‘bulge control’ section of it’s body or shank created by four pierced holes
  • Controllable collapse section of the Rivet Nut means lower deformation loads, greater grip range and more repeatable installation-tool setting from hole to hole
  • MultiRiv collapses with lower forces and is suitable for more brittle materials, metal-plastic composites, thinner sections & even elongated holes in plastics – either moulded, machined or glass ‘layups’
  • Offers high pull through strength
  • M4-M8; Grip ranges 0.5-8.0mm; Headed, Flanged & Countersink available in Steel or Aluminium
  • Installation tooling either manual (hand) or Pneumatic are available

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Thread forming screws

Thread Forming Screws

TPX Range

  • Thread forming screws not thread cutting
  • Developed for use in Thermoplastic materials
  • Installed into either machined of moulded pilot holes
  • 30 degree thread flank angle ensures reduced installation torque & induced stress in plastics
  • Available in a range of M2.5 to M6
  • Lengths from 6mm-22m (2mm increments); 25-50mm length (5mm increments)

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TRISERT-3 brass inserts


Self-Tapping, Case Hardened Steel or Stainless Steel(s) Insert; Self Threading / Post mould

The Tappex Trisert-3® has three cutting features to provide a balanced cutting action and reduced installation torque. The Trisert-3 is suited for critical applications and is available in two lengths, regular and long, and is based upon the Trisert Reduced Headed design.

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