Tappex Installation Videos – are now released on You Tube!

Written on September 28, 2014 in Blog Help & advice

These new & updated installation videos demonstrate the tools themselves, installation methods & techniques:

1. 031 Series Hand Installation tools (M2 – M10; Unified variants also available); installing both Brass & Steel self-threading inserts into Nylon & Aluminium sample boards.

2. 074 HEAT Installation Tool; heat installed Tappex Brass Multiserts & Microbarbs in Thermastics.

3. 035 FlexiArm / Pnuematic Torque settable screwdriver(s); demonstration for self-threading Brass & Steel threaded inserts.

4. 035 DA1-170 DuraArm(HEAVY duty) Installation tool for larger self-threading inserts (M10 – M25).

Start watching the videos here…