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Blind Drive Pin Rivet B74
Round Head Din 664
Part No. 111 (Aluminium)
Part No. 112 (Steel)

Typical Applications

  • A larger diameter head type allows the use of the blind drive pin rivet in softer materials.
  • A flatter head thickness can sometimes be used where there is a space restriction.
  • For attaching insulation materials to framework or for other soft materials.

(Note : Letters denote critical dimensions of Blind Drive Pin Rivet, please contact Tappex for details). Standard Diameters (d1) available from 3mm to 8mm. Standard Lengths (L) available from 5mm to 23mm*

*depending on pin Ø required, for example, Ø3mm can only have a length of 5-8mm as standard. Specials will also be considered to suit your individual needs.