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Headed Grooved Pin N7
Round Head Drive Pin Plain Shank
Part No. 110

Typical Applications

  • This pin demonstrates the flexibility of the grooved pin system.
  • A pin can be produced which gives retention, rapid assembly and has a plain shank to allow free movement of mating components.
  • Can be used as a bearing pin for catches, sashes, hooks etc.


Headed Grooved Pins 110 are only made to special order, and since the possible variations are significant it is not normal to have ex-stock sizes. In order to provide a quotation the following information should be given.
Diameter d4
Total pin length under the head i.e. l1 + l2
Nominal diameter of grooved portion d1
Length of grooved portion l1
*Head form
*Head diameter d3
*Head thickness k
*Where possible use Part No. 063 head standards.