Case hardened mild steel self-tapping threaded inserts
Our steel threaded inserts are made from high quality, EU sourced mild steel, case hardened zinc nickel plated and clear passivated finish. The insert is case hardened to increase strength and the zinc nickel layer helps to prevent corrosion.

The benefits of using steel thread inserts over brass depends on the alloy and application you are working with. Some steel alloys, for example, are stronger than brass whilst retaining quick machining and cycle times. Tappex threaded inserts can be directly placed into pre-moulded and/or drilled pilot holes.

Stainless Steel self-tapping threaded inserts
Our stainless steel threaded inserts are made from high quality, EU sourced austenitic steels, both 303 & 316 grades with clear passivated finishes.

Stainless steels provide greater levels of resistance to corrosion that may be a direct consequence of coming into contact with acids and petroleum products. Stainless steels are typically harder wearing than mild steel. 316 grade offers an even higher level of corrosion resistance than 303. If your application involves contact with food or beverages certain grades of austenitic steel are FDA approved and so ideal for these applications. Tappex threaded inserts can be directly placed into pre-moulded and/or drilled pilot holes.

Tappex Products - Trisert 3


Self-Tapping Plated Steel, Stainless Steel or Titanium Insert. The Tappex Trisert-3 has three cutting features to provide a balanced cutting action and reduced installation torque. It is suited for critical applications in hard plastics & light metal alloys and is available in two lengths, regular and long, and is based upon the Trisert Reduced Headed design.

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Tappex Products - Ensat


Steel and Stainless steel Self Tapping Inserts Steel/Stainless Steel Insert For Self-Tapping Installation. The Ensat is a single ended self tapping threaded insert with an internal and external thread.

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Tappex Products - Imperial Range

Imperial Range

Imperial thread sizes. Tappex can manufacture most Imperial thread sizes using the external features of the nearest metric equivalent product, so design information will be the same as listed. Popular sizes are available from stock; other sizes are available to order in reasonable batch quantities - please contact the sales office for help.

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Tappex SplayMould, a mould in male, cold-formed steel fastener

Splay Mould

Male Steel Insert for a High Strength Solution. Tappex are extending the range of male inserts for moulding-in by introducing the SplayMould® male steel insert. This is in addition to machined Brass & Steel male variants of existing HiMould, Multisert & Trisert threaded inserts. Often customers expect to be able to apply standard tightening torques at the point of...

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Tappex Products - Male Inserts

Male Inserts

Brass Inserts to provide a male thread. Press fit, Self Tapping or Mould-in versions for most Plastics. Tappex offer a range of Male Inserts based upon the female equivalent, they can also be supplied with a dog point to ease location of the nut and reduce the risk of cross threading.

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