PDM 2015 Plastics / Manufacturing Process Show , Telford 16-17th June – Tappex Group will be there!

Written on June 8, 2015 in Events

Tappex is a UK based & owned Manufacturing Group of Co’s that includes their own comprehnsive range of ‘Thread Inserts’ for most Plastics & Composite materials whether for Injection, Compression moulding, SMC/DMC, Blow-moulding, machined parts and GRP layups.

Tappex Threaded inserts are available from 23 product familes(standards & special parts)  for In-mould & post- mould installation and made in Brass (including now Eco Brass) , Case Hardened Steel & Stainless Stees (303 & 316 grades). Tappex inserts may be of the pressed-in form or self threading and suitable for most Thermoplastics,Thermosets,Woods, Laminates and some ‘stress prone’ plastics.

Tappex are able to provide samples, prototypes, in-house mechanical engineering services including static testing , design guidance and then in-house manufacturing meeting both ISO 9001 & 14001 stds (UNLIKE many competitors , TAPPEX manufacture own branded products – these are not Asia Pacific imports).Tappex supply, since 1957, OEM Industries and on a global basis.

Tappex experienced Technical-Sales staff will be on hand @ PDM 2015 Show to answer & advise on visitors enquiries whilst also demonstrating bespoke installation equipment from Tappex.

Tappex Group of Co’s also includes: Pressavon Ltd, Midlands based Metal Pressings & Stampings providing ‘progression-tooled’ bespoke brackets & pressed parts produced from Steels, Aluminium Alloys and other non-ferrous alloys. In-house MIG/TIG welding with Robots, Deburr, In-tool tapping and mechanial assembly , 2nd Op. capabilities. Supplying European Automotive & Brown Goods OEM and their supply chains.