Further investments at Tappex to embrace increasing demand

Written on June 13, 2018 in Blog

Tappex group of companies have been investing in more CNC machines recently, both to increase our overall capacity and also to increase our depth of product range.

Tappex CNC lathe machines for thread insert manufacturing

Investing in a further 4 machines (bringing us up to a total of 9 machines) has allowed us to increase our range of patented Trisert 3 products, to include M12 thread Sizes, now available in three different lengths and two grades of Stainless Steel –  grade 303 & 316.

The Tappex range of products can be purchased directly from us in the UK – or globally through our excellent network of long standing Technical Distributors. You can find further details here… tappex.co.uk/distributors

You can find more information on the Trisert 3 range of thread inserts here : tappex.co.uk/products/inserts-metals/trisert-3

 Alternatively if you have an application that you’d like to discuss further with us, please do get in touch…

By phone : 01789 206 600, or by Email sales@tappex.co.uk