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Threaded Inserts for 3D Printed Products or Prototypes

Tappex® are often asked the question… “Which thread insert should I use in my 3d printed prototype” Before we answer this question, firstly perhaps we can consider… Why use a Thread Insert? With more and more manufacturers/OEM’s looking to utilise additive manufacturing processes/3D printing technologies, for both low to medium volume production and prototype parts, […]

A ten point guide to best design practices – Overview – Thread Inserts for plastics

Useful information for users, buyers and designers from the home of quality british manufactured thread inserts – Tappex thread Inserts Ltd

Introducing the new ‘ElecArm’ – Electric Thread Installation Tool for Self-Tapping Thread Inserts

Tappex have recently introduced a high quality range of electric installation tooling machines, for installing self-tapping type threaded inserts. The electric driver range complements our existing range of pneumatic drivers and has a great wealth of features that are more difficult to achieve, using the current range of pneumatic machines. The electric driver range runs […]

Heat Insertion v Self-Tapping Thread Inserts – which is best for my application?

One of the questions to consider when designing or manufacturing a product is which type of thread insert to use. The Tappex range of products allow for a variety of installation methods including mould-in, cold-press, self-tapping, heat or ultrasonic installation. This choice can sometimes be dictated by the parent material and Tappex are always happy […]

Tappex Self-Tapping Thread Inserts for Solid Core Laminate Materials.

Solid core laminate materials have become a main stay in the furniture Industry and their use can present manufacturers with significant difficulties, when it comes to fasteners and fixings.   Trisert® self-tapping inserts are an excellent alternative to traditionally used press-in or expansion type brass thread inserts. Many of our customers who now use Trisert® […]

Tappex Thread Inserts – For Wood & Structural Foam Applications

The Foamsert – Self-tapping brass thread inserts from Tappex Thread Inserts provides an excellent solution for fastening into softer plastics, wood and structural foam materials. The Foamsert should be specified for applications with blind holes, in laminated chip boards, medium density fibre board and some glass reinforced plastics. It is available in both a double […]

Tappex Heat Installation / Heat Staking Machine for Press-in type Thread Inserts

Introducing the high quality heat inserter machine from Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd. A machine that’s built to last, the body and foot are manufactured from cast aluminium with an epoxy powder-coated finish and the post is made from steel. The machine can be used to install any of the Tappex press in range of inserts – (Multisert, Dedsert, […]

Tappex Thread Insert Installation Tooling – Flexi-arm for Self-Tapping Thread Inserts

The Original Flexi-Arm – Only available from Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd The Tappex Flexi-Arm and Desoutter screwdriver combination offer a simple to set up and easy to use solution for rapid installation of self-threading inserts into plastics, metal alloys, wood or the latest engineering composite materials. Quick & simple set up. Simply insert a Tappex […]

Tappex Thread Insert Installation Tooling – for self tapping Inserts

The Original FlexiArm – Only available from Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd The Tappex FlexiArm and Desoutter screwdriver combination offer a simple to set up and easy to use solution for rapid installation of self threading inserts into plastics, metal alloys, wood or the latest engineering composite materials. Quick & simple set up. Simply insert a […]

Application Torque – Thread Inserts for Plastics

  It is not always possible to apply the same tightening torque to a plastic assembly as a metallic one. Often there are good reasons why it might be required to but the majority of plastics are relatively weak and all suffer from creep to a greater or lesser degree. However in a carefully considered […]

Self Tapping Thread Inserts for plastics metals and composite materials

Tappex manufacture a range of threaded inserts for plastics, metals and composite materials. As part of our comprehensive product range we offer the Trisert 3 thread insert. Trisert 3 self tapping inserts are available in hardened steel and stainless steel (Grade 303 & Grade 316) and can be installed into a variety of materials, including […]

Tappex Installation Videos – are now released on You Tube!

These new & updated installation videos demonstrate the tools themselves, installation methods & techniques: 1. 031 Series Hand Installation tools (M2 – M10; Unified variants also available); installing both Brass & Steel self-threading inserts into Nylon & Aluminium sample boards. 2. 074 HEAT Installation Tool; heat installed Tappex Brass Multiserts & Microbarbs in Thermastics. 3. […]

Brass Thread Inserts for Plastics

Tappex® has acquired for over 57 years comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements of Threaded Inserts fastening across global Plastics Industries. Our thread inserts have been designed for plastics installations in mind, have been extensively trialled and supplied for more than half a century to customers around the world, on land, sea, air & even in space applications. […]

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