Brass Thread Inserts for Plastics

Written on July 14, 2014 in Blog Help & advice

Tappex® has acquired for over 57 years comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements of Threaded Inserts fastening across global Plastics Industries. Our thread inserts have been designed for plastics installations in mind, have been extensively trialled and supplied for more than half a century to customers around the world, on land, sea, air & even in space applications.

Industries on a global basis specify a wide variety of plastics. Tappex thread inserts, both standard products and customer specials have been developed to meet the many different demands of these different plastics. The manner in which they are used dependant upon customer application(s).

In overview, groups of Industry plastics include:

  • Thermoplastics – rigid at room temperatures but soften at elevated temperatures, ultimately melting if of Amorphous structure i.e. ABS, Nylon (depends on grade), PVC & Polycarbonate OR if of a Semi-crystalline structure whilst these do not behave in the same way, they do have a well-defined melting range i.e. PE, PP & PEEK are good examples
  • Thermosets – once formed through molding, for example, they chemically change such that they cannot be physically re-formed /re-shaped, but are characteristically quite robust and stable at elevated temperatures i.e. Automotive ‘under hood’  installations
  • Foams – limited suitability for threaded inserts unless the holes are suitably cored. Tappex can offer a product for certain applications after further consultation and/or testing, where appropriate
  • Elastomers – rarely suitable for threaded inserts although Tappex always prepared to give some technical consultation
  • Composites – and growing in progressive usage, composite materials which may incorporate combinations of plastics, wood based fibres and/or light alloys can be supported by Tappex, after consultation, either with a Thread insert or bespoke fixing solution

For further details please view our products or talk to our experienced applications engineers on 01789 206600.