Threaded inserts for plastics (thermoplastics & thermosets)

Thread Inserts for Plastics

Tappex® manufacture & supply threaded inserts for Plastics i.e. both Thermoplastics & Thermosets. Tappex has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of OEM's application requirements to be found across global Industries since 1956. Tappex® develops it's thread insert-fasteners exclusively for mechanical installation into a very diverse range of  engineering plastics and customer applications globally: on LAND, SEA, AIR & even in Space-satellite applications!

Manufacturing Industries, on a global basis, specify & process a wide variety of plastics. Tappex threaded inserts, both as standard products and customer specials (female & male geometries) have been developed to meet the many different demands of operating environments & commercial considerations. The manner in which they are used being dependant upon customer application(s).

In overview, Industrial plastics in common / frequent use include:

Threaded inserts suitable for plastics and thermoplastics

HiMould brass inserts


Threaded Inserts for placement within the mould tooling itself.

The Tappex HiMould® range of brass threaded inserts has been developed specifically for moulding-in. These being located onto core-pins and within the mould cavity whether this is for either Injection or Compression mould-processing. This family of insert will typically provide the maximum performance in terms of pull-out loading and torque retention.Himoulds are also available for customer's requirments in male form & also can be made available with modified features to suit - please enquire.

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Multisert brass inserts


Inserts for Cold Press, Heat or Ultrasonic Installation; Press in, Post mould.

The Tappex Multisert® range of brass threaded inserts for plastics has been developed to provide a multi-purpose insert for various environments and applications. They are available in Short and Regular lengths both Unheaded and Headed and still offer good mechanical performance  for most engineering applications. Multiserts are also available for bespoke requirments in male form & with modified features to suit - please enquire. Tappex has also developed a 'lead free' variant of its generic Brass threaded insert - more details upon request.

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MICROBARB brass inserts


For pull through applications in thin section materials. Press in, Post mould.

The Microbarb® incorporates all the standard features of the Multisert range but provides the designer and production engineer with a brass insert suitable for 'pull-through' applications in thin section materials. The performance offered by the larger diameter body and head offsets the shorter barb length when compared to the equivalent Multisert.

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TRISERT brass inserts


High performance Self Tapping Brass Insert; Self Threading,  Post mould.

Self tapping brass insert for use in Thermoplastic and Thermoset plastic materials. The concept of the Tappex Trisert design is to provide a reliable, efficient and quick post-mould production process, where the installation torque can be controlled and monitored for increased reliability. Triserts are also available for bespoke requirments in male form & with modified features to suit - please enquire.

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TRISERT-3 brass inserts


Self Tapping, Case-Hardened Steel or Stainless Steel(s) Insert; Self Threading, Post mould.

The Tappex Trisert-3® has three unique cutting features to provide a balanced cutting action and reduced installation torque. The Trisert-3® is suited for critical applications and is available in two lengths, regular and long, and is based upon the Trisert Reduced Headed design. Increasingly, being specified for applications in Carbon fibre-Kevlar reinforced substrates - ask for more details.

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Foamsert brass inserts


Self Tapping Brass Insert for use in lower density materials; Self Threading, Post mould.

The Tappex Foamsert® is a special version of the Trisert and has a very coarse & truncated external thread form. The Foamsert threaded insert ideally suited for use in structural foam materials, laminated chipboards, medium density fibre board and certain types of glass reinforced plastics (GRP).

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Splay Mould

Splay Mould®

Male Steel Insert for a High Strength Solution; Moulded in.

Tappex are extending the range of male inserts for moulding by introducing the SplayMould® male steel insert. Often customers expect to be able to apply standard tightening torques at the final point of product assembly and so, in application, to enable existing equipment and set ups to be utilised. The Tappex SplayMould® offers a high strength solution being manufactured by cold-forging process and not machined from bar-stock.