Threaded inserts for metals

Tappex® has acquired, since it was established in 1956, a comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements of Threaded Inserts fasteners across Global Industries. In recent years, in particular, our range of self-threading inserts have been progressively developed to include new products necessary to meet the demands of the metal-alloys processing industries and more critical customer applications.

Such critical applications include: Castings, machined-parts & sometimes fabricated parts produced from Light metal alloys i.e. Aluminium, Zinc & Magnesium. Our inserts, extensively trialled, are supplied to customers worldwide: on land, sea, air & in space. Tappex inserts are of the self-tapping / threading-type to be installed into either cast or pilot-drilled holes this to suit customer’s product manufacturing processes.

TRISERT-3 brass inserts


Case-Hardened Steel or Stainless Steel Thread Inserts - Self Threading / Post mould & Machined-parts installation.

Tappex Trisert-3 inserts have three cutting features to provide a 'balanced' cutting action and 'reduced' installation torque. The Trisert-3 inserts family are especially suited for critical applications, available in two standard-lengths, with some blind-end variants available - ALL being based upon the well established Trisert reduced-head generic design.Trisert-3 threaded inserts offer high shear strength (being a solid cylinder not a compressed wire-form or slotted) and can be installed into a standard-sized pilot holes (no need for special preparations). In conjunction with Tappex FlexiArm installation equipment, quick & reliable installation into customers mouldings, substrates & machined-parts are achieved.

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Ensat Threaded Screw Inserts


Threaded Screw Inserts

The use of self-tapping / self-threading inserts(thin/thick-wall) has significant advantages over pre-tapped holes, mould-in inserts and wire thread inserts. They eliminate close tolerance holes required for tapping directly into the base material, damaged tools and low productivity resulting from moulded-in inserts and the time consuming process of placing wire thread inserts into pre-tapped holes.

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Grooved Pins

Grooved Pins®

Universal Fastening System

The fastener incorporates in its design three longitudinal grooves swaged or formed into a cylinder of material, which has the effect of increasing its diameter. In the case of unheaded pins, this may be over part or all of the length of the pin and may be of a tapered or parallel form. In the case of headed pins, the grooves are always parallel and, with blind drive pin rivets, the pin is used to expand the rivet and is retained in the body of the rivet.

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