Installation Tooling for Threaded Inserts

To accompany the installation of Tappex Brass or Steel threaded inserts, the company can also offer a range of installation tools to assist customers whether for R & D or series-production purposes. The tooling comprises of both hand tools, heat installation, semi-automated FlexiArm® with Pneumatic screwdrivers and Rivet-Nut guns.

Threaded inserts suitable for plastics, woods and light metal alloys

FlexiArm Installation Tool


Installation tool for threaded inserts - 035 Series

035 series FlexiArm® - FAST & Accurate installation of Tappex Threaded inserts into Thermplastics, Woods & Light metal alloys. FlexiArm can be supplied with 1, 2 or 3 adjustable Pantograph arms, in turn, each supporting a pneumatically-powered screwdriver with full 'pre-adjustable' torque-setting & reverse capabilities. Tappex self-threading Brass or Steel(s) inserts (Triserts / Foamserts / Trisert-3's) can be installed , post moulding or fabrication quickly & accurately to ensure production efficiency through short cycle-times whilst maintaining good installed performance (pull-out & applications torque). Screwdrivers are supplied with Tappex-made chucks & adaptors that incorporate     patented 'lost motion' function.


Heat Inserter Installation Tool

Heat Inserter

Tooling for the Tappex Multisert & Microbarb range of 'press in' inserts - 074 Series

074 HIV series Heat Inserter tool for the installation, by a thermostatically controlled heat tip (probe), of Tappex Multiserts/Microbarbs & Sureserts (M2.5 – M8). Heat installation ensures, particularly in 'stress-prone' or 'notch sensitive' thermoplastics, the installation of a threaded insert without causing cracking or unnecessary deformation of the plastic moulding geometry or boss feature designed for the installation of thread inserts.


Hand Installation Tools

Hand Installation Tools - 031 Series

Hand Installation Equipment for Self-threading inserts

031 series hand tools are available to install Tappex Brass thread inserts including Triserts, Foamserts and Steel(s) Trisert-3 typically in sizes M2-M8 & Unified equivalents. Tappex manufacture, to rigorous standards in-house , their own design of hand-installation tools.