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Tappex Thread Inserts Limited was incorporated in September 1956 by its founder the late Mr. Derrick Barnsdale. From very humble beginnings in a reclaimed agricultural building in Stratford-upon-Avon the company flourished and grew into the modern purpose built manufacturing plant it resides in today. Tappex Group also incorporates a Metal Pressings & Sub-Assemblies Co. (Pressavon Ltd: ) & subsidiaries in Sweden & Finland for Technical Sales & Distribution.

With 60+ years experience in the design and manufacture of Threaded Inserts for most Plastics, Woods, non-Ferrous Metals & now Composite materials, Tappex threaded fasteners are to be found amongst very diverse OEM industry applications, operating environments & global supply chains: Automotive / Aerospace / Electronics / Industrials / Marine / Medical / Rail / Sub-Sea & even Satellite-Equipment applications. The company, now led by his son Tim Barnsdale, is one of the UK's most successful privately owned specialist fastener manufacturing companies, supplying globally, major OEMs and in turn, their bespoke supply chains. Tappex UK manufacture their own 'branded' thread inserts & special products , globally recognised for their technical excellance and long-standing reputation. Tappex is an Engineering Co. not simply a 3rd-party reseller. / trader; beware of copies or imitations of Tappex products internationally.

Mission Statement - Our purpose is to anticipate, influence, and satisfy the needs of our customers. This will be achieved by dedicated and competent employees maintaining high standards of quality and service, whilst attaining predetermined financial objectives.

Tappex prides itself on its Technical Advisory Service and its Team of Applications Engineers and technically qualified sales-staff have provided cost effective solutions for Threaded Insert applications across many diverse industries. It sees itself as a major resource for customers to solve fastening problems, both by design, quality & service rather than simply a fastener stockist.

An extensive range of Brass Threaded Inserts & Steel, Stainless Steel Threaded inserts including: 24 standard 'families' with many variations in geometries & sizes ranging from metric M1.4 to M30 (with Unified & British Std. thread forms available); Tappex inserts are suitable for use in most grades of thermoplastic, thermoset, structural foam, woods and composite material(s) including carbon fibre. Tappex is able to offer also vision-sorted Threaded Inserts to ensure particular conformance to customers exacting mechanical requirements, please just ask for advice.

Tappex continued success isn't solely based on Thread inserts for plastics as Tappex also offers a range of comprehensive of Grooved pins(forged), Thread-forming screws(for Thermoplastics), Bulge-Control Rivet nuts (low yield force / wide grip range for soft/brittle Thermoplastic sheet) and has developed cold-formed male threaded studs known as SplayMould® for moulding-in with high torque / pull-out performance.

Confidentiality - We will respect customer confidentiality regarding their products, applications or future plans within the practical bounds of quotation and manufacture.

Special variants - Tappex will work with you to provide a Brass or Steel(s) Threaded insert to meet your more specifioc needs and has a prototype capability, in-house mechanical testing & hole designs , as appropriate.

Customer relationship - We aim to provide the right balance of technical and commercial support to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Just give us a call, we're here to HELP YOU.

Pressavon Ltd - Subsidiary company of Tappex, est.1953, manufacturing: 'metal pressings, stampings & mechanical sub-assemblies' and supplies the European Automotive / Brown-goods industries as a Tier-2 source from it's newly constructed modern UK-factory (2016). Read more...

Please call our Technical-sales team :  tel: +44 (0) 1789 206600

BSI 9001 Accredited UKAS Quality Management BSI 14001 Accredited UKAS Environmental Management